Hi, I am Mohsin – the brain behind “IsPhDForMe.com.” Wondering if a PhD is your academic destiny? You’re not alone. I’ve been there, done that, and created this space to guide you through the maze of PhD pondering.

I hold a Master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, and I call Lahore, Pakistan, home. Connect with me on LinkedIn and ResearchGate., or drop me a line anytime.

Muhammad Mohsin Ijaz picture as isphdforme.com author

Why I Launched This Blog: Frustration fueled its inception. Imagine grappling with doubts about the PhD path, just as I did. I’m here to demystify the subtle queries that plagued my PhD decision-making journey. Doubting your PhD choice? I’ve got answers.

Why I Write About This: My journey navigating the PhD decision process sparked this blog. As a work psychology enthusiast, I see PhD students not just as cogs in the academic machine but as humans seeking balance, fair compensation, and job satisfaction.

Who I Aim to Help: This blog is a lifeline for those eyeing a PhD but swimming in a sea of questions. I’m here to provide clarity and insight into your decision-making process.

Why It Matters: Choosing a PhD shapes your future. It’s a pivotal decision with far-reaching consequences. Amidst the sea of online guidance, I noticed a gap in addressing the intricacies of the PhD decision. I’m here to fill that void, making your decision-making journey a breeze.

My Story: Research captured my heart during my BS final year project. Fast forward through a Master’s and refined research interests – a PhD beckoned. Little did I know, the PhD path is no cakewalk. Two years of prep, countless applications, and rejections later, I realized a PhD isn’t just a continuation of studies.

Why I’m Different: I made every mistake in the book, leaving a job for PhD prep and chasing big-name universities. This blog exists because I craved raw, unbiased opinions from someone deep in the PhD trenches – not just graduates justifying life choices.

Join me in navigating the PhD decision landscape. Let’s ensure you embark on this journey for the right reasons. This blog exists because starting a PhD should never be a blind leap.