60 Highest PhD Stipends in the US

The financial struggle in academia is not hidden, still many graduate students want to pursue a research career. US offers best research labs and institutions to attract aspiring PhD researchers from all over the world. Its your right to ask about highest PhD stipends offered in the US because PhD is a long journey and … Read more

5 Reasons why PhD students are paid (or why they should be)

Why do PhD students get paid

Imagine spending years of your life conducting groundbreaking research, tirelessly writing papers, and presenting at conferences – all in pursuit of furthering knowledge in your chosen field. Now, picture doing all that without receiving any payment for your efforts. Sounds disheartening, right? Well, don’t worry! In today’s guide, I will explore: Do PhD students get … Read more

Do PhD students make a lot of Money?

NO, PhD students actually make much less than their counterparts in the industry. There are several reasons for lower compensation of PHD students. However, most common reasons are intense competition for PhD positions and no incentive for employer (university/ department) in increasing the PhD stipend. PhD stipend may feel handsome on paper to most international … Read more

Why PhD students are paid poorly?

A PhD student once told me sarcastically that “PhD stipends are low because universities want to train these PhD students for the poverty that will follow for a long time after they finish their PhD”. However, there are many other reasons for lower compensation of PhD work. In short, the PhD students are paid poorly … Read more