6 Reasons to do a PhD in Biology

laboratory testing chemicals in biology graduate school

Thinking of going for a Ph.D. in Biology? Well, if you’re going to spend the next 3 to 5 years of your life being grumpy and tired of every human being around you then at least it should be worth it. Isn’t that so? Since you’ll be doing a lot of research once you get … Read more

5 Reasons why PhD students are paid (or why they should be)

Why do PhD students get paid

Imagine spending years of your life conducting groundbreaking research, tirelessly writing papers, and presenting at conferences – all in pursuit of furthering knowledge in your chosen field. Now, picture doing all that without receiving any payment for your efforts. Sounds disheartening, right? Well, don’t worry! In today’s guide, I will explore: Do PhD students get … Read more