5 Reasons Why Part-Time PhD DON’T Get Stipend

Hey there! If you’re considering pursuing a part-time PhD, one thing you might be wondering about is how to fund it. It’s a valid concern, especially considering the time and effort that goes into such a significant academic project. When it comes to funding a part-time PhD, it’s important to recognize that universities often prioritize … Read more

8 Practical Steps to Fund a PhD

Want to fund your PhD? Let’s dive into some practical tips on how to secure funding for your doctoral studies. If you are in a hurry here is the time-saving version: check how much money your advisor has and talk about what equipment you’ll need. Then, figure out all your costs and look for different … Read more

PhD Stipend in the US: Do All Students get it?

In short, not all PhD students in the US receive stipends. In reality, Ph.D. students’ financial situations in the US range from those ‘receiving full tuition waivers and generous stipends’ to others ‘receiving neither tuition waivers nor stipends.’ Let me break it down for you: (a) Fellowships are top-notch for funding during your Ph.D., giving … Read more

5 Reasons To do a PhD in Canada and Settle after graduation?

In a nutshell, apart from chilly weather and a high-quality lifestyle, a) Canada can offer great research labs as well as funding opportunities for your proposed PhD research. b) It offers a great variety of alternate career paths for PhD graduates due to a large industrial sector. c) Plus, it has friendly visa policies for … Read more